Chisa Koyama 小山 智紗
UguisuNoShomeibi のテキスタイルストーリーを担当

Raised in Setouchi. After graduating from Doshisha Uni, was involved in working for free magazine office as editor, guest house management, and producing paper and web articles in editorial company in Tokyo. Currently live in Sendai and work in advertising in Kobe. Spend days writing travel, life, and food. As continue to meet people, feel the smell and temperature of each places, scoop up the scene of words, and working on making books.


Textile Artist・Designer
Haruna “Sena”Suzuki 鈴木晴渚
UguisuNoShomeibi の制作とデザインを担当

Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University's Textile Design Department. During my time at art university, I studied Japanese traditional crafts, particularly focusing on fabrics. After graduating, I established a studio at the foot of the Northern Alps in Nagano Prefecture. I worked for a total of 7 years at two art museums.  Currently, I am involved in textile production for multiple textile manufacturers and operate my textile brands, "UguisuNoShomeibi" and "rinsena-textile". Additionally, I am active as an advertising, commercial, and apparel model in Japan.

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