About us

We deliver short stories to you who travel.
UguisuNoShomeibi is a fabric brand that colors the path of people as they travel through life.
We deliver beauty and happiness.


What do you think the origin of the name “UguisuNoShomeibi” is?

UguisuNoShomeibi” is Japanese. The nightingale (uguisu) has been loved for generations in Japan. “Uguisu-no-shomeibi” refers to the first day that you hear a nightingale chirp, which has long been a sign of spring for us. At UguisuNoShomeibi, we see the important decisions people have to make in their lives as the turningpoint of seasons. Where to live? How to work? What to value in your life? Who to spend time with? Life comes with countless options. By giving small gifts, we hope to encourage you who are working hard and find themselves in new environments after experiencing change. Like the gentle chirp of a nightingale signaling a new season as you start your journey.

(Writer : Asada Yowami Concept : Haruna “Sena” Suzuki)
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